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Lira the Amazing Pet Therapy Dog Blog #2


One day in the children’s ward Lira and I walked into a room where an approximately 16 year old young man was in bed with his Mom sitting along side of him.  When I asked if he would like a visit from a pet therapy dog his Mom informed me that he was hearing impaired. She signed to him asking if he would like a visit.  He signed back ok in a teenager kind of way.

After I laid down a sheet Lira hopped up into bed along side of him. She snuggled in. He started signing to his mom asking me questions about Lira.  His mom would translate his questions and then sign to him what I said.  Although he was always looking at his mom when he was telling me what he wanted to say I would try to remember to look at him while he was communicating.  I remembered years ago in a training class in the fire department that it was a courtesy to look at the person who was hearing impaired.  It’s a hard thing to remember.  It’s easy to look at the person signing rather than the person who is communicating through the signage.

When his mother would speak to me directly she would sign so that the young man would know what she was saying.  I remember thinking what a lovely art it is.  She was so expressive with her hands with emphasis on ideas and feelings.  Each individual has their own creative technique. She was beautiful and graceful to watch.

The conversation was actually quite fascinating.  In between engaging with me through his Mom he would pet Lira. After the initial questions about Lira he actually started talking about his father. How he goes to Europe and visits his Dad but its kind of boring over there. Then he started expressing how the divorce between his parents affected him.  Mom was wonderful… not only did she speak every word that he gestured, she also acknowledged his feelings and shared the feelings with him.   It seemed Lira the conduit to this special talk.

When the visit was over his mom came over to us on the other side of the bed.  She gave me a warm hug and thanked Lira and I.  She said this was the most he had talked in a very long time.  Lira and I left feeling fortunate to be able to experience what I call “a timeless moment.”  It seems that Lira shares this feeling of contentment after visits like this.

“Have a grrrreat day everybody.” Love Lira

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Lira the Amazing Pet Therapy Dog


The most amazing thing happened when Lira and I went to the hospital yesterday.  When we entered one of the patients rooms a lady in her  early seventies was lying in her bed.  Out her window you could see the Cascade mountain range even though it was a cloudy day.  She said, “Thank you for coming back.”   Lira hopped up into the chair beside her bed.  I remembered her from last week but this time she was awake. We sat there patiently listening while she told us her story.

She said last week she was unconscious while we visited with her husband for a bit.  She said she didn’t really know how to explain it.  She was emotional and tearing up.  She could barely talk she was so choked up.  We waited patiently.  She said she was unconscious during the visit but that she saw Lira  and that she knew she was going to live when she saw Lira.   I got goose bumps.  I  asked her if she would like Lira to lie beside her.  She said, ” oh yes!”  Lira laid beside her and put her head on her lap while the lovely woman and I talked.  She kept saying while she was gently petting Lira’s  head   “I knew I was going to live when I saw Lira.”  She kept saying “thank you  thank you  thank you for coming back.”   It was a very spiritual experience.

When we left, her husband hurried down the hall to ask us if there was a way he could donate to pet therapy.  I told him Lira was certified through Delta Society and gave him their card.  I told Lira that we should share these stories so that people know the benefits of pet therapy, encourage other people to participate in pet therapy with their special pets and that hospitals all over the country might want to bring pet partners into their facilities.

( Lira on her way to work )                                 ( Lira resting after a hard days work )

That special woman who was at deaths door the week before went home a couple of days after our visit.

Lira was so tired last night.  For some reason she was especially tired but happy and content.

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“Have a grrrrreat week everybody.  Love Lira “