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Lira and I are fortunate enough to live walking distance to the hospitals that we volunteer at. On this particular day in Seattle it was raining cats and dogs or should I say just dogs since this is a doggie bloggy. I drove this day.When we left the hospital it was dark, gloomy and raining hard. I was driving in front of a popular drive in hamburger joint that is always busy rain OR shine. I saw through the cars windshield in front of me a woman in scrubs with an umbrella crossing the street. She was in the middle of the street when I said to myself do they see each other? At this exact moment the car in front of me struck her. I heard a loud thump and the woman went up into the air like a rag doll twisting and turning until she hit the windshield of the car and tumbled to the ground. It was a slow motion moment that happened in seconds.
Being a retired firefighter I immediately pulled over and went to assist the woman. I must admit in all my years as a firefighter it was rare where you actually see the trauma occur. Actually seeing the woman hit shook me up a bit and the scenario replayed in my head for days afterwards.
Why am I blogging about this? Well Lira and I had a little talk and we thought we should share this experience so that people remember to :

1) Turn your headlights on day or night

2) Use crosswalks and always be alert to traffic

3) Be aware of crosswalks in the area so that when you are driving you can slow down

4) Wear reflective clothing and reflective leashes when walking after dark

I do not know the outcome of the accident victim. I know she was conscious which was a freaking miracle considering there was a crack in the windshield from her head. I am hoping that someday Lira and I see her back to work at the hospital. Be safe out there. No amount of time saved is worth what Lira and I experienced that dark rainy day.